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WildIris Loves Lingerie...Do You?


Hey all of you fetish fiends and legwear's me, WildIris, and I'm here to tell you what I think is sexy besides, of course, being buck ass naked. I love lingerie, all kinds of lingerie.

I have a true fetish for wearing things while being fucked. Maybe you would like to hear me tell you about it? Don't you think it's more than sexy for a beautiful woman to be wearing black silky thigh highs, a corset, and nothing more....except maybe a pair of heels and let's not forget...a garter belt?? Or maybe you like babydolls, or camisoles and barely there panties.

Whichever you like, you have to admit that lacy, silky things feel good on your skin. Don't they? Or maybe you actually like to wear them, or experience the feeling another way. Take a look:

Now what would it feel like if you can imagine that you were the one to slide those silky black panties I had on off of my hips, pull that bra off, and leave me ever so slightly more vulnerable, more exposed? You could go ahead and take what you wanted with me like this. I would love it. I get so hot when I wear something silky soft or slutty while I'm fucking. It's a guarantee that my verbal responses will be dirtier than anything I experience while totally naked. It brings out the whore in a woman, I think.

Maybe you should give me a call, and we can talk about how my imagination just runs wild when it concerns lingerie and slutty clothes.

Or, if you're the kind of guy who just loves the feel of something soft on your hard cock, call me and we can get you all dressed up! If you like them too, that gives us something in common, no?

JUST CALL ME AT 1-800-863-5478 EXT. 0998454


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