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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

This is my ignore/raise the rate line. Why have I combined the two? Because I can. I will ask you at the beginning of the call whether you are calling to be ignored or to play the game. If you are calling to be ignored, it will allow you to hear my voice (so you know it is really me) and then you may or may not hear anything else the rest of the call. If you are one of those pathetic piggies that is only worthy of listening, you will be ignored. You may hear me talking to customers, my roommate or typing ...what you won't hear is me talking to you, telling you I want to do ANYTHING sexual with you or letting you tell me what you want to do with me. You are calling a hold, you will hold and hold and hold. What better way to show you are a lowly loser boy than to be ignored by a beautiful original woman?

If you change your mind during the call and I am listening, you may beg me to raise the rate. If I feel like playing with you, I will raise it and the game will begin. If I don't, I will raise it and set the phone down again. ::winks::

If you are calling to play raise the rate, the game will begin immediately. If you are interested in hearing how I play the game, click the button below and listen to my "Raise the Rate Instructions."

I love playing this game! There is something about a man panting as I take every last cent from his account. What I like even more are the guys who beg to tribute me to be allowed to cum. My favorite ones, though, are the ones who realize that one tribute is appropriate but a financial tribute and a present is phenomenal. They move to the top of the list and their orgasms are even stronger or it could just be that I love presents! ::grins::

Want to cum? Good, but don't waste it! Donate it!

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