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Prison Master at Raunchy



Alright faggots listen up this is Prison Master, your new reason for being. I’m a 6’2’’ 210lb fucking warrior that has been born and bred to be your fucking ruler. Yeah, I’m a straight man that has done hard time and now I’m making all of you fucking faggots pay my way. I’m your boss your controller, your reason for waking up in the morning, and your reason for giving me everything you got you little queer! I love beating the shit out of losers like you just to see the looks on your faces. I was a king in the joint and you best believe I’m gonna be a king out here.

 I mean look at this body, you fucking losers could only pray to have a body like this. I deserve everything you got because I am better than you. You are weak and I am strong boy, and there ain’t a thing that you can do about it, so empty your fucking wallet and get ready to serve the real deal, a 100% straight bad motherfucking man. I can take advantage of you any way you want, my feet always need a good servicing, my socks always need a good mouth washing, and I’m more than happy to fuck your girlfriends while your queer ass sits in a corner and cries.

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I know you want me to make you into my little bitch. You want to sniff my sweaty pits and boxers after I’m done working out. You want to do my laundry for me and take care of me like a real queer should. If you’re real lucky and serve me real well I might even let you actually fucking touch me you little punk bitch, but I doubt it. What the fuck are you waiting for you fucking homo? Call me right fucking now and find out what it really means to be a faggot.