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Ms Sylvie

Your wife, Madame of the Whorehouse

Your hotwife, Madame of the bordello

In a city famed for its sophistication and sensual pleasures, your wife is the Madame and owner of the most successful and renowned bordello of all. It is a pleasure palace for the wealthy, famous, and well-connected.

Every man envies you for being married to such a beautiful, sophisticated, and successful woman. You get to live in the penthouse of a building filled with desirable women. But you have to hide our little secret, your little shame.

My long legs

I never let you fuck me anymore. I hire the most desirable and attractive men to work in my business, and from them I take my lovers.

I don't let you fuck the girls who work in my business, either. They are too good for a pathetic excuse for a man like you.

If you were a real man, you wouldn't have let me do this, now would you?

The more you think about it, the more excited that little weewee gets, and you just have to touch it.

In the privacy of my penthouse suite, no one knows what goes on but you, me, and my virile young lovers. And yes, you know an awful lot about what goes on, since you get to watch what it looks like when a real man fucks your wife.

From the time I first told you I had no use for you sexually, I have flaunted my lovers in your face, teased you mercilessly, and stood by, laughing, as they humiliated you, both deliberately and just by being more of a man than you are.

But you're my husband, and you love me. You want to stay my husband even though it means never having sex with me again. You'll do whatever you have to do to keep me happy.

And so you grew to love the humiliation and crave it.

You're just lucky I keep you around, and you know it. I'm so good to you. I could throw you away, toss you out on the street like a piece of trash if you were to annoy me.

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