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Fantasy Roleplay

Suvillian.. You will worship this military dick...

Hey little man... Sgt. Smith here. You may call me Sarge or SIR. I am your recruiting drill Sgt. /private Escort/ model...There are several stages to this training session. .
(Stage 1) I am here to train you to obey me and to be my personal puppy dog.(yes,with a metal dog tag) I do this by breaking you down and taking away all of your pride and dignity. You will do everything I say and act like my personal dog, down on all fours lapping,licking and sniffing my stinkin feet as you SNIFF my dirty black nylon socks and tight white brief underwear as you SNIFF my huge Military Master DICK!>>>ORDER my sniffable Underwear NOW! You can also order my stinkin sweaty black nylon military dress socks that I wore for several days.
After I put your collar and leash on, you will be trained to fetch me your sex toys that will be used in your training experience. You will worship my perfectly chiseled military body with your big lapping Dog toungue. Lapping and licking and begging me for more! I will decide if you deserve it or not. You continue acting like a low life, tail between your legs, worthless bad puppy dog! You will be rewarded for being a good puppy slave dog at times. Your reward will be in the form of sexual favors. or maybe my dirty undies or socks to tug on ,chew on... sniff my dick PUNK!. I may even personally send them to you along with a DVD movie of me doing nasty things in them for you. The following stages will be revealed after you recieve proper training being my dog. All I can tell you is that your graduating title will be "pussy boy"
Call me to recieve all the details about future plans I have for you...I have alot of surprize military tactics I use on you. You might even eventually graduate someday to being my right hand man,Down on your knees soldier! Possibly assisting me in breaking down and training other young soldiers to be all that they can be! It takes a long time to earn that kind of status as my right hand man...So lets get started little man...Call me NOW!

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