Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


$$$ What's Left in Your Wallet? $$$

Absolutely incapable of pleasing a woman...
UNLESS you use your wallet?

Too scared or too cheap to call this listing?
Call my ignore line instead - details HERE.

Well, you or someone a lot like you...

If you hear a sucking sound, that'll be Me - but it won't be Me sucking your cock...oh no, it will be Me sucking the cash right out of your account! After all, isn't that why you clicked on this listing?

If you call on this line for less than 5 minutes, it should be to request Me to send you a juicy pay-mail! I want you to suffer for Me, do without in order to support my shopping and other spoiled Bitch habits. What else could you possibly be good for?

Greetings from Sunny Florida!

Two important things to remember:
1. This is NOT a phone-sex line.
2. I have ZERO interest in your penis.

You're here to impress me with the depth of your pockets, the size of your stack, and your, your absolute craving to spoil a dominant Bitch in the manner She deserves.

If you crave penile ridicule, beg for it. I am not a mind-reader, if you will not communicate, you will likely NOT get what you need from Me. What I DO know about you is that you are a bundle of need, a never-ending ache that drives you to bend over and take what you so richly deserve - a thorough fucking. I am a good listener and I AM interested in understanding your fetish needs. How better to use you than to know how to best push your particular little perv-boy buttons?

If you spend every last cent you have to spoil Me rotten, I will still want more. I guarantee that the depth of my greed exceeds the depth of your pockets. And I will not endure your whining either, it's not MY fault you are so terminally afflicted. I'm just here for your


I can provide more personalized "therapy" if you provide me with information about what you can withstand and still remain functional so that you can be of use for a longer period of time. Otherwise, it could be an uncontrolled hemorrhage, and you're likely to bleed out in no time. So, you decide...empower Me to use you for the long haul, or step up to be drained and tossed away. Here's that word again...COMMUNICATE.

In an effort to assist the most pathetic lamers who are tongue-tied and incoherent when on the phone with a real Mistress, I have prepared a money slave application:

Call Me now to negotiate the terms of your financial enslavement.
Email if you cannot phone for any reason.

1-800-TO-FLIRT ext 0862619
If you have a hard time catching Me when I am available, email me.

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