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Financial Domination with Ms Ivette

You may ask yourself why it is I am into this fetish. Well apart from the fact that what Lady doesn't like to recieve money and gifts, I really enjoy the communication and control with online and real-time slaves. I have over the years had many emails from guys and submissive men who have expressed there adoration for Me. Some of them have said they may never get the privaledge to meet Me for real time because they are overseas or are married. But instead have wanted to buy Me gifts and pay tribute to Me online. I enjoy the pampering, to know that guys are running around doing their best to please Me and putting effort into thinking of unique gifts to get Me. I am not a man hater at all, but I like to find your weaknesses and play with them and tease them, to give Myself pleasure, to step in, and control you through words and actions online and in real-time and mold you into what I wish from you. My time attention though is valuable, I want paying for, I don't give anything to you men for nothing. I am not dependent on anyone, that is not why I am into financial slavery, I can look after myself very well. I just like being pampered while I have fun at your expense. I have many personas, that I do not find disturbing. I can be cruel, demanding, I can and like to humiliate you through words, actions and financially. I do not need to shout and curse you all the time to show you who is in control. You WILL know I am in control, that is for sure, and you will learn to take the rough with the smooth. I know I am a Goddess to be spent on and am perfect the way I am. Yes I am arrogant and that I am content with. I can also be fair, charming even, and will acknowledge such servitude, not because of any appreciation of course! but because I like the communication with My online and real-time paying slaves. This is something I like doing, I enjoy this fetish, otherwise I would not entertain it. I am not out to financially ruin anyone, a penniless slave would be totally useless to Me and I would gain nothing from that, so draining you is not My aim. I am also NOT into blackmail, I do not feel that I should have to blackmail anyone to give to Me! To give is something that you should want to do, not for Me to false you. I do not ask you to give, I do not need you to give, I just expect. So if you wish to start your servitude, Call me!