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Helpless Hypnotized Hottie

hypnotized sexslave! trigger words! i obey YOU

I'm a Helpless Hypnotized Hottie. We're a group of girls who've been programmed through hypnosis to respond to trigger words that give YOU control over us. Buy the trigger words that drive all of the hypno hotties crazy for $5 (50% off the regular price)! Hypnotic Guy has instructed me to give anyone who wants to try them out a free minute, and I always obey Him and do what He says. So just email me and ask for a free minute, then call and hypno-fuck me. You will be in control of my pleasure, and you'll be able to make me beg you to let me cum.

I'm totally helpless to you and under your control when you speak the trigger words to me. Don't you wanna have a little play toy who says "Yes, Sir" to anything you ask of me? Haven't you always wanted to have complete control over a girl? Use the trigger words to get me so worked up I'm BEGGING you to fuck me. I'll BEG you to let me cum. The trigger words give you complete control over my arousal, and whether or not I can cum or not. I'm yours. Come claim me.

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