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How bout your wallet be MY sex toy..

Hi there, boys. I’m Savannah James.
I am a Kept Woman.
Do you know what that means?
What it means is this. I am the lover and the courtesan of a high-powered alpha male who can afford to have all the finer things in life, including me.
With him, I enjoy the best of everything – five star restaurants, the finest wines, expensive cars, designer clothes, exquisite jewelry. And in return, he gets to enjoy the very finest and most exotic sensual delights when he shares my bed. I’m a hot blooded, lusty 25 year old Southern vixen with an extremely high sex drive and my man is ready and willing to satisfy that high sex drive in any way my perverse mind can imagine.

Even though I love my man and I love how I’m living, my lifestyle can be a lonely one at times. I have lots of free time and unfulfilled desires when my lover is spending time with his wife, so being the hot blooded vixen that I am, I decided to do a little playing online and that’s how I found Niteflirt. I knew from the first moment I found this site that I wanted to play here, so I decided to make myself available to you for a price.

As a beautiful Southern woman, I’m used to getting exactly what I want from men. My face, my body and my teasing Southern charm have always been such a powerful combination. Few men have been able to resist me and I’m sure you boys here on Niteflirt won’t be any different.

I expect to be pampered, spoiled and catered to and if you treat me just right, I’d love nothing more than to pamper you back in my own very special way.
Pick up that phone now so I can tease you, tantalize you and fulfill your every fantasy.
I’m extremely open-minded and highly sexual. I enjoy all forms of fetish and sexuality and I’m sure nothing you can dream up will shock me. However, this site does have a few rules and I follow them. There are a few topics here that are taboo, so please look them up in the HELP section or send me an email first if you’re not sure.
I’m a 25 year old redhead from Louisiana.
3 Pictures of Me in a big shirt..wanta see whats under it? $5.00

My strip tease $5

My black pantyhose $5.00