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The pleasures of erotic hypnosis - for women only

There are so many fantasies to explore

Are you a woman who fantasizes about being seduced?
Do you imagine submitting to a gentle, but firm stranger?
Does the thought of having a hypnotic Master excite you?
Would learning to orgasm on command be wildly exciting?
Is exploring some of your deepest fantasies a strong desire?
Are you craving safe exploration of the world of hypnosis?


Yes, there are many fantasies to explore. Let me introduce myself. Here I go by the title "Master M". If you wish, you may simply call me "Master". Or mail me for my real name, if that will feel more personal to you. For many years I've been writing hypnotic fantasies and leading women in exploring the world of erotic hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a creative and powerful way for you to explore your sexuality. It can be gentle and seductive. It can be strong and intense. It can open you to new sensations. It can permit you new experiences. It can be wildly exciting or soothingly erotic. The type of exploration is completely up to you. This is your fantasy. And I will take you there.



Would you like to submit to a gentle but powerful controller? Would you like to be immersed in a role play fantasy? Perhaps it's being a sexy schoolgirl in the HeadMaster's office? An sexy and exotic harem girl? A helpless patient in the hands of an unscrupulous doctor? A wild college girl, drunk and out-of-control at a frat party? A sensual and seductive mistress of high royalty? Whatever you can imagine, you can experience under my hypnotic spell.

At the very heart of what I do is the importance of safety. Hypnosis can be powerful, but it must be safe. We will create a shared experience - the experience that you want. Do you want to feel deeply dominated and controlled? Then you will. Do you want a more gentle and seductive experience? That's exactly what you'll have. The opportunities for pleasure are limitless under hypnosis, and I will lead you in realizing your dream.


Here are some questions that I'm often asked:

What is hypnosis like?

Each woman experiences hypnosis in her own way. Most women find hypnosis to be extremely relaxing. It may be a sensation of floating or of being in a dream state or of letting go. Under hypnosis, you'll find it easier to accept suggestions of being aroused, of feeling pleasure, of responding in ways you find sexy and desirable.

Will I be aware while I'm hypnotized?

You will not lose awareness of things that are important. If anything happens in your environment that demands your attention, you'll awaken instantly. You may lose some awareness of unimportant aspects. You may find that sounds fade as you focus your attention on my voice more and more. Or they may not. Even if you feel mormentarily distracted by something around you,, your attention will continue to return to my voice as you sink deeper into hypnosis.

Will I lose control while I'm hypnotized?

This completely depends on what your fantasy is, and what you tell me you want to experience. Many women desire the loss of control, particularly losing control of how their body responds. The ultimate loss of control is orgasming on command. If this excites you, you'll experience it with me. If losing control seems too intense to you, we'll explore only what you desire.

Will you make me do things I don't want to do?

No. This is your time, your special session, and it's about what you want to experience. We'll discuss in advance what you do and do not want, and only the things on the "do" list will be part of your session.

Can you really make me orgasm on comamnd?

Almost all women can do this. My experience is that among women who really want to have "on command" orgasms, 98% of them are able to. If you need to touch yourself just a bit to "get there", you can, and when you do, you'll have a very intense, pleasurable, and exciting orgasm.

Are you ready to give yourself the pleasure of this experience?

Go ahead and send me a note letting me know what you'd like to happen in your session. There's no obligation. Remember hypnosis with me is all about you. All my attention and hypnotic skills will be focused on giving you the experience you deserve, the experience of deep erotic hypnosis.

Go ahead, grant yourself permission to experience the pleasures and excitement of erotic hypnosis with Master M.