Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

It's called "The Thinking Man's Line" for a reason!

This is an experiment.

I want to see who will be game to play.

When you go looking for something,
you never know what you are getting.

You might get what you think,
and then again what you think
- given appearances -
may be misleading.

I find that guys have more
than just one brain, and
sometimes like the two
simultaneously stimulated.

If you want me to have typical phone sex
with you, you will be disappointed.

If you expect me to do all the work,
you will also be disappointed.

If however you are willing to take a
chance, and are one of those guys with
more than just one brain, and like
the idea of possible simultaneous
stimulation - you should call.

Fair Warning: I am not for everyone,
and don't fit into "one-sized fits all"
Who I am when speaking with
you will have a lot to do with who you
are when we speak.

I am real and unscripted. I am also
not what you'd expect on a site like this.

I bet the odds are good you'll not
only like what you find, but you may
just be surprised.

Sometimes it is good to connect with
someone, and even though you may be
horny you know that there is more to
this than just getting off.

Sometimes you need someone to talk to,
or a helpful perspective.

Sometimes you might question what you do,
or wonder if you're doing the right thing for you.

Sometimes you might even feel conflicted
about the things you expose yourself to.

Allow me to be me, and you will likely
find there is much more to me
than just being a voice on the phone.

My focus will be on you, so I may or
may not answer your "how old are you?"
"what do you look like?" "when did you
last have sex?" "what are your most
intimate secrets?" questions.

If that is an issue, it will
certainly make sense that you'll
want to call someone else.

If on the other hand, you are open
to possibilities that are yet to be
defined, you'll likely want to do
yourself a favor, and call.

If you are looking to be humiliated,
demoralized, taken advantage of, or want
to have an experience of that type
let me save you from calling -
I am not for you.

(Although I could be...if you would
like to experience a different type of
pleasure, or question what currently
turns you on.)

I am also not for you if you are wanting
to humiliate, disrespect, or objectify me,
or want to see me naked, or want me to have
"typical" phone sex with you (ain't gonna happen).

Ready to have a different kind of experience?
If so, let' s talk.

Want to know more about me
and what I am about?
Check out my other listing here
and this one, too

If you enjoy the call, all tributes
are welcome and appreciated.

Curious about me?
Get to know me.

I HIGHLY recommend you
get a sense of me
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