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REAL & reasonable financial domination


Dont forget my birthday is February 23rd, to send me something off of my wishlist Click here , there are items on it to fit any budget.

Financial slaves are very dear to me as they are the one class of slaves that truly enhance the quality of my life. Real slaves understand the importance of taking their servitude to a new and real level and they know that their money makes my life better…and that is why they exist. Financial service is realistic slavery; and when you send me financial gifts, your submission instantaneously goes from fantasy to REALITY…. and it makes me so very happy.While I do love some expensive things I also get just as happy and excited when a financial slave or submissive sends me practical and useful things, or even the most inexpensive things off of my wish list. Also I would much rather that a submissive or slave send me lots of smaller gifts and or tributes over time and be responsible about it and remember to pay all their necessary bills and just send me all the extra, than for them to completely empty their bank accounts in one go like some ladies on here want men to do. I find there is more fun for me when a guy can last longer and NOT have to file for bankruptcy after just one big payment. Wouldst you like to actually serve a big beautiful young woman and move past fantasy? Committing to a financial relationship with me is not for everyone as it is so REAL….so INTENSE….so EROTIC, but it is the ONLY way to show your devotion for me. Serving me financially is a rare opportunity that will truly enrich my life and will give your life purpose and meaning, as well as a rock hard dicklette. The money you give me willingly is a symbol of you giving yourself over to me and is one of the most intense and erotic power exchange experiences you can have. Money is REAL….not fantasy. Let me take the reins….take the power….take your money… know it’s what you want and need. It is so mentally and sexually stimulating for you to worship me in this most powerful of ways.…isn’t it? Pay me to accept you as you are. CALL me and let your money do what you can NOT do as a man….make me cum and make me happy! You can sign up to adopt my hair stylist and pedicure bills if you want... thats about $30 every 6 weeks for my hair and $25 per pedicure... OR pay for me to go get a professional massage $100.... if you want to contribute towards these then send me the $ in a tribute OR call me, IF you send the money as a tribute I may even be willing to set things up so I can talk with you on my cell phone through here while I am spending your money if it is possible, if you pay for me to go to the hair dresser well i really cant be talking on the phone while that is being done since even IF I bought a bluetooth ear thing it would be in the way , but most other things I probably could arrange to have you on the phone, like if getting a pedicure or a massage it would be very easy to have a headset on to be able to let you listen in wile I was getting it done.

NOTE: I am currently looking for a submissive to serve me by helping me re-write my listings, as writing about myself is one of few things that i am inept at..... MUST be willing to spend the time to get to know me in order to portray me accrurately..