Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Princess Jill is how you can address ME! I'm not into games, so if you are not sure about completely committing to a SUPERIOR Princess like me don't bother contacting me. I will deliver on MY part - can you do the same? The weakest, most pathetic wimps are always welcome :) I plan on making you cave, crawling after me with a big fat broken heart and an empty wallet will make me HAPPY! Can you do your job? I'm easily able to make you fall in love, begging to give ME everything you have. What are you waiting for? your NEW and ONLY Princess is WAITING!

If you need a Goddess that genuinely understands you continue reading. If you are brain dead and think it is acceptable for ANY woman to use you in such a way that only benefits her without meeting any of your needs or even bothers to get to actually know you instead of lumping you into the same pile with all other's contacting her please move on. I am not scripted, I have much more to say other than muttering the standard "loser" lines over and over again. I am not a game player, I expect the same from you. Do as I command or don't bother playing. If you can not obey or follow orders there is no room in my life for you. I am not into harsh domination but love humiliation, forced-bi, sissification, cuckolding, female supremacy and slave's working for me - to amuse and entertain my whims.

I do not EVER refer to myself as a Mistress, not who I am. I am a true Princess - and yes I have a dominant personality. I like to be in control, love getting my own way and always demand respect. However, I do not demand much more than that. I do not rule with an iron fist. It is not a requirement of mine that you give me complete control of your life - you have a brain, figure out how to use it.

Realistically can I really control all aspects of your life over the internet and the phone anyway? I much more prefer to climb into your brain and find out what makes you tick. Read all of my reviews and most will let you see that my subbies fall in love with me - they do not fear me. How easy is it for a Domme to make many demands of you and expect to get what she wants because of the simple fact that she is Superior? I am Superior and I KNOW this. It is much more difficult to get you to the point where you crave to do what ever you can to please me. I will not take it - you must offer it me out of honor and respect. I will not be your world because I DEMAND IT - I will be your world because there is simply nothing that can bring you the pleasure that serving me does.

Some of the things that I really enjoy doing are getting men to trust me and openly admit that they have secret desires to suck cock - for their own piggish desires - or to make me happy. Strap on training makes me feel more powerful than anything else - bend over and take it and you will soon become one of my favorite pets. I also really like cuckolding and have real life personal experience with it. The sissy boys and I get along quiet well because I understand their desire for the pretty girlie things in life. Small cock humiliation is also another one of my favorites. Getting weak willed wimps to perform degrading acts in my name is amusing and is sure to produce hours of laughter for me and my friends.

I am NOT a man hater. I WILL NOT abuse you because of the simple fact that you have a penis ( no matter how small it is) I WILL ABUSE YOU because you WANT IT & NEED IT! I will partake only in acts that the 2 of us enjoy. I savor every moment I get to spend with any of you because you and your fetishes and kinks are unique to me. I like to study you and although I may find you rather odd I am amused by you at the same time!

Mild CBT is something that I can handle. Do not call me if you want me to inhumanly torture you - there are experts out there for that and our call would end up being a waste of your money. I will no longer take calls that I am not actually enjoying.

I will take a genuine interest in WHO you are and WHAT your interests are. I will ACCEPT you and your desires. I can guide you through your experiences with an understanding outlook on the situation.

Call me if you are interested in: Ass worship, bi-sexual fantasies, sissy maid training, verbal humiliation, face sitting/spitting/kicking,caging, strap-on training, CUCKOLDING, chastity and key holding, teasing and denial, puppy training, CBT (light), even MORE teasing and denial, spankings, ice, hair pulling, tickling, nipple torture, SMALL DICKLET HONESTY - I love laughing at toads like you!