Phone Sex

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I now have a website with a couple special areas for you all that spoil me rotten. A couple of you already have your names up on my site..hee hee. Call your sweet little princess to get the address..hee hee

Let's just put everything out on the table, shall we? I will put this into simple little terms that I am sure you will be able to understand, because we all know what happens when you guys get around a girl like get horny, you get hard, you get stupid.

First off, let's define who I am. I'm your Princess, which means I get to wrap you around my precious little finger so tight, you won't know which way is up. I'm 18, I am cute and sexy, and I have the tightest little body ever. I live up to the name princess, I haven't just slapped it on this page to get more money out of you. I AM A PRINCESS!!! I have the bloodlines to prove it. I love to be spoiled, and I have a talent that gets me everything I want. You wont know I'm winding you around my finger till its way to late...hee hee.

Now let's define who you are. You are the type of guy who has to pay a girl like me to be nice to you. Whether it's by choice, cause you loooooove spoilings girls like me, or it's because you are a pathetic looser who wants me to giggle and humiliate him while Im lifting every last bill out of your bank account. You have to spoil me, you have to please me, and you have to do whatever I want.

Now, I should warn you. Im not gonna ask you for your limits. Im just going to take and take and take, specially if you are a pathetic looser who deserves it. I will take all your money and not care if you have to live out of your car cause you couldnt pay rent. I mean, you will probably like living out of your car as long as you still have a phone to call me, you should still be happy. Right? So, when you call me, be willing to give me everything, cause that is what I am going to take.

For those who want to pay my little buttons, if you send me a picture of yourself, or an icon to represent you, I will put that and your name up here on this page to show you off to EVERYONE. So you everyone will know you looooove to spoil me. If you don't want your name and pic up here, I will just put a mystery man icon up here instead... with my own personal name for you...hee hee. Here's my payment buttons and what they are for...