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Sensual lesbian will tease, humiliate and use you

Hello, pets. My name is Morgan, and I'm a very sexy, assertive and naturally dominant woman; I'm also a complete Lesbian, so I consider myself the ultimate tease. I enjoy both men and women, but in very different ways. I take female lovers, I have a girlfriend, and I never, ever sleep with men; that doesn't mean that I don't play with them, though.

You see, I walk through the world surrounded by men who want me. Some of them think I have the cutest ass, and I can feel the way their eyes crave it. Their little cocks get hard when I pass them, and their eyes undress me as they think about feeling me up, or about fucking me from behind; I like knowing that I have that much influence! Other times, it's my breasts that get men; do you have any idea how many men try to look down my blouse in a given day? My absolute favorite, though, is when I’m sitting at my desk, or when I'm out to lunch with a girlfriend or two. So many men try to discreetly look up beneath and between my legs, to catch a glimpse of the panties that I’m wearing, or maybe even a hint of my pink lips hiding between my delicious thighs.

Men are sluts, and I use that to my advantage. You see, I don’t think men make very good lovers at all. They’re too selfish, and once their filthy little cocks get hard, all they can think about is their own satisfaction. I much prefer to have a cute girl licking between my legs, to look down and see her pretty face buried between my pussy lips; guys are too rushed and clumsy, and they usually require quite a bit of training just to be mediocre at licking pussy. Even when I want to spread my legs for a cock, I don’t invite men up inside of me; their cocks are worthless when it comes to satisfying my needs. An assertive girl with a big strap-on is a better fuck any day. Another girl’s cock never goes soft.

Like I said, men are almost useless to me; but not completely. I love to be pampered and worshiped and adored, and men are profoundly stupid when they’re led by their cocks. Everywhere I go in life, men hold doors for me, they pull my chair out so that I can sit, and they lavish me with sweet-smelling flowers and expensive gifts. I’m naturally flirtatious, so men constantly flock to me; I enjoy teasing their little cocks, and I also enjoy the attention I get from them, but after a little while, I tend to get bored. Men are different, though, and the more a boy hears “no,” the more he craves what he can’t have.

I like to hear men beg just to see me, or smell me, or taste me. That’s where it really starts, when a man lays his ego so low that he begs for just a little bit of me. I love to play games with a man’s cock, to make dates that I never intend to keep, to seduce without ever intending to please. There are times when I bring strangers back to my home, and I know how lucky they think they’re getting; in their minds, they plan out just how they’ll fuck me. It never quite works out that way, though. I bring out some of my toys, and I tell them all sorts of stories about where my dildos and my vibrators have been, how much they’ve soaked in my wetness, and I ask them if they want to taste me all over them. Men are so stupid that they take almost anything at face value, and I’ve enjoyed many nights of watching a man suck on a plastic cock that he “thinks” is covered with my smell and taste. In fact, I keep a whole library of toys that only men suck and lick for my pleasure; I’d never let the little sluts suck on a used dildo on our first date.

There are times when I tie men up just to tease them. Imagine having your hands bound away from your cock, and then being forced to watch two girls fuck and enjoy each other. Imagine how hard your pathetic cock might get, seeing two beautiful girls playing with vibrators and dildos and fingers and tongues, their pink pussies and their tight, little asses spreading in front of you. Imagine how embarrassed you would be when the girls were done playing, and they were bored of looking at your desperate little cock. Imagine how red you would be when they dragged you across the house and locked you outside, naked. Thanks for watching, slut, now get out of here. Did I mention how much I love to use men?

If men can’t get me off with their cocks, they most certainly can get me off in other ways. Do you know how many dates have come home with me, expecting to feel my pink lips around their cocks, only to find that before the night is out, they’re spreading themselves in one way or another for one of my own plastic cocks? You see, men don’t please very well at all, so I've decided that that they’re really only good at being used. Like everyone else, I think a really slutty girl is pretty hot; but slutty little boys can be even hotter. When a man’s cock is hard enough, he’ll spread his lips for whatever I want to stuff his mouth with. When a man’s cock is dripping with enough wetness, he’ll stick his ass up in the air for whatever I want to give him. Guys never admit it to each other, but most men make wonderful sluts; they usually look all squemish at first, but they take right to sucking and fucking my plastic cocks.

And then I train them to humiliate themselves for me. I take the men that put on the best shows, and I teach them how to be even better sluts for me. Most of my trained sluts shave themselves everywhere, so that they're soft and fuckable. I make some of them wear plugs up inside their asses on a daily basis, to stretch their tight walls; those are my anal sluts. Others perfect the art of cocksucking. Most of them wear panties and bras to work, because I want them to know that wherever they are, they're still my little whores.

I even throw a few parties, with my best trained sluts. Big elaborate affairs where many, many people gather to fuck and use my little playthings. Men are not very good at fucking, but they’re beautiful to watch being fucked; I get off on knowing that all my little sluts wanted me so badly that they were willing to do anything to be with me. I get off on knowing that I've thoroughly fucked all of them. Remember when I said I liked to use men?

So, here's your warning. If you see me walking on the street, and you give my ass, or my breasts, or my lovely, long legs a nice stare, think twice before chasing me; if you look at my very sexy pictures, and you want me, allow yourself a second thought before calling; because if your cock throbs twice, and you still feel brave, I've got some very interesting plans for you. But don’t say I didn’t warn you about where you’d end up!