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Beauty and her Toys

Curiously Strong Domme-TS Mistress Anna Marquis!

Your First Time by Mistress Anna

You and your buddies had a few beers and decided to go out for a few more. It's pretty late, and you're ready to have a good time. You see me as you open the door. Sitting there at the bar, my gorgeous chest right there in front of you, and my long, long legs clad in thigh highs, ending in deadly red stilettos. Your cock gets hard right there looking at me. You forget all about your buddies and walk over to my side.

All you can think of to say is... Hello Miss...

I turn and look at you, my eyes are clear, ice blue, they penetrate you, and your little cock gets even harder for me. I stand up, tall, statuesque, that incredible chest you were staring at is in your face now, God, you think - those are some perfect tits. You can tell I know it too. Those are some tits worth worshipping. I see it in your eyes and take your hand.

I whisper to you, leaning in against your ear

... it isn't Ma'am, it's Mistress.

Yes Mistress... you mumble, unsure of yourself. I am so tall and commanding, you are so weak in my presence for some reason.

I lead you outside, and just down the street to my apartment. You follow me dumbly, smelling my sweet perfume and watching my perfect ass sashay before you. We both know you are thinking about kissing it.

I open the door to my apartment and push you in before me and your senses are confronted with a sensual feminine palace. I shut the door and lock it, taking your hand and leading you to my room where I sit you on the bed. Slowly I kick off my heels, removing each of my white, silk, thigh high. I put my shoes back on after that, I know you love my long, lean legs in heels. I've seen you watching me walk. I approach you with the stockings in my hands. I rub them against your cheek.

Your eyes close and you hear me say... Have you been a bad boy?

Almost instinctually you say... Yes Mistress. I know, I reply. I'm going to punish you now, bad boy. You know that right?

Yes Mistress.

You say it again. You're getting used to it now. It sounds right. Your eyes are half closed, as you lean back half drunk on my bed wondering what I'm going to do to you. You watch me climb up on the bed behind you. I lean in, kissing your neck, getting it wet with my tongue. You're so glad I am an aggressive girl. You're pretty sure you're getting fucked tonight, and you don't mind letting me take control at all.

I take your vision from you, slipping one of the stockings around your eyes, and tying it behind your head. You laugh a little, what a naughty girl I am! Your girlfriend is never this adventurous, sure she gives a good head job, but a guy needs to get kinky sometimes!

I brush my fingers into your hair getting a grip and force you onto your knees. You look so good like that, I kiss you and tell you to take your clothes off. You do so, almost quickly, so great is your need to fuck your new kinky Princess. I laugh to myself seeing the little you have to offer me. Still, I'm ready to fuck, so I decide to use you anyway.

Lie down bad boy. I say to you, my husky silken voice is a caress.