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Redneck HUSSY

Rock My Trailer...............

Hey there cowboy, or cityboy, or suburbboy - hell I don't care... I's just gots to get me a well-equipped experience man to get off with on this here phone and satisfy my insatiable sexual appetite.

whoah there pardner, mmmm i just read (yep i can do that...can't type worth a shit and that last statement and guess I'm soundin' off brazen, but that's why everybody always called me a hussy.

My bowlin' girlfriend told me all about this site so i figure I'd see what all the hoopla was about. She's my sweetie friend ya see and she knows all about my hussy dilemma.

Now see, eyes married to Bubba like forever and a day but he's gots such a teeny one on him and can't get me to the moon no matter how hard he workin' that there thing. he's even go'ed and try to stick it in the tiny hole an while i's was working that big dildo gyrating my pussy and let me tell youse somethin' it did nuttin' for me.

So i is ready for somethin' different..variety...ya know like pottin' different flowers in the t- bowl out front. So big boy give me a call and it is my personal guarantee I WILL Rock your trailer...smooches....Rhonda