Phone Sex

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No one's more cruel and nasty than this Bitch!!!

Let's get off on the wrong foot first of all, shall we?

I am not A bitch, I am THE Bitch and I am certainly not YOUR bitch!!!

I am NOT a dominatrix or your personal little playground, so playing with yourself will NOT be tolerated! As a matter of fact, if I even suspect that you are choking your chicken, I will NOT hesitate to hang up on you!

So, that said, here is what you can expect when you call me:

1) I will NOT beg for you to bleed your wallet dry like some cheap little whore. However, if you choose to tip me for treating you like trash, I will send you a pay-to-view email and I will laugh at you while I'm taking you for EVERYTHING you have!

2) I do NOT care about you or your opinions.

3) I will ALWAYS be in a bad mood and I will NEVER, EVER be nice!

4) You will be degraded, humiliated, berated, slandered, harrassed, cursed at, belittled, shamed... the list goes on and on. Needless to say, you will be a sniffling, pathetic little whinebag when I'm through with you!!!

5) You will think I'm a cruel and nasty bitch but remember, it's men like YOU who have made me this way!