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claudia swan

Someone who'll listen & understand

Everybody needs a friend sometimes, someone with a willing ear and an empathetic heart who lets us talk about what's really going on with us, without having to guard against judgments, opinions or uninvited advice.

If you're thinking that a "friend" isn't something you should have to pay for, I agree. But here in the real world, sometimes that's just the way things are ... not only for you, but for just about everyone.
Even people who have a lot of friends are sometimes hard put to find one with the right combination of interest, detachment and respect to make it feel safe enough to really open up. Honestly, how many empathetic people do you know who are skilled in active listening?
Unfortunately, there just aren't a lot of people who are able, or willing, to simply listen to you -- without interpreting what you're saying, or telling you what you should think or feel or do about it.

From time to time, everyone needs to let out whatever it is that's bouncing around inside. It may sound like a cliche, but it's a simple fact that is as true for our inner world as it is for the physical world around us: a load is always lighter when it's shared. Won't you share your load with me?
People often tell me that talking to me helps them feel better. Maybe that's because I can hear between (or beneath) the words to what's really being said, so that I can help people discover their own answers. Give me a call: if you're willing to take a chance and tell me what's on your mind, I bet I can help you feel better, too.