Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

You've finally found me, the Temptress that will introduce you to levels of ecstasy you've only dreamed of reaching!

So, who am I and how do I know that I am able to give you the experience of a lifetime? Well, let me tell you just how much I love cock! I love the way my tongue feels as it slowly glides up the base, flickering it's way up to the wanton tip to savor those first drops of pre-cum... I love to tease it, swallowing it whole and then coming up to swirl my tongue around it some more until it begs me in aching throbs to swallow it down again. I love the way it throbs harder when I unexpectedly slide it deep into my throat. It makes my pussy wet to feel it grow even harder as I shove it all the way down my throat... Mmmmm... It makes me wet just thinking about it, just thinking about how it feels throbbing against the back of my throat.

I savor the way it feels as it's about to explode just as much as I savor every last drop that erupts from it... But, oh, how I love to watch it spraying all over my quivering body too...

And, that's not all that I love... I really get off on giving others pleasure, so, the more turned on I know you are, the more turned on I get. My love to tease you utterly is just as powerful as my love to give you pleasure.

I am utterly addicted to sex! I just can't seem to get enough! I am a multi-orgasmic squirter with a shaved pussy and a burning desire to submerge myself and others into total and utter orgasmic bliss!

You can't place me in one particular category or another when it comes to sex, I indulge in many (sometimes drastically)different areas of sex. From the girl next door, to the succulent submissive, to the domineering Mistress, the sex-crazed slut begging you for more, the mysterious Gothic Mistress, the horny barely legal babe looking to gain some experience... My temptations, my desires, my fantasies are too vast to be listed in their entirety. As I am always willing to try and discover new things, it is also an ever growing list. So, no matter what you're in the mood for, you're likely to find I'll either be able to provide or will be eager to try and quick to pick up on.

And, let me assure you, that when you talk to me, you're getting absolutely 100% REAL phone sex. I'm not one of those girls that just tells you what you want to hear and fakes an orgasm so I can take you for your money(unless, of course, that's what turns you on! *winks*) That is to say, all moans and squirms are 100% the real deal Baby. Tell me what you want to do to me and thrust me into orgasm, make my pussy squirt all over me, I'll love every second of it!

Whether you're looking for some hot phone sex or just someone that's willing to listen, I'm always up for both! So, go ahead and call me up Baby... Give in to Temptation!

Note On Feedback

I decided to put a note here about how the rating system works to make leaving feedback as quick, easy, accurate, and convienent as possible for you. You know how I love to take care of you! *grins and winks* When using the Feedback and rating system, please note that the highest or best rating that you can give is "5." The lowest, is "1."

A special thanks to those of you who have taken a minute of your time to leave me feedback... THANK YOU! It really means a lot, I love reading about how worked up you got, it really turns me on! I just LOVE to make your cock throb until it explodes for me!