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Have you fantasized about what it would feel like to begin a regime of hormone treatments under the watchful eye of a Dominant Woman? Do you dream of Hormone shots??? Breast implants? Adam's Apple Shaving? Full Body Waxing? Long Acrylic Fingernails, Perfectly Arched Eyebrows, Lips artificially and Surgically altered into Sexy Swollenness....?


Just starting out? Have you always been a bit "feminine"? Do you "borrow" panties? Steal panties?Buy your own panties?

Do you dream of wearing lipstick,had a glamour shoot or two, or do you own tons of make up and lots of wigs?

What level of waist training have you achieved? None, whatsoever, Mistress, please teach me!! Might you...own a Frederick's corset or two? You speak Voller's,Axford's, DeMask like me and constantly dream of becoming more perfect.

Whatever you dream or have done, I am the Mistress to take your waist down ever more intensely. Think Gwendoline and U89, Scarlet O'Hara, a 40's - 50's glamour girl...or the fetish model of your dreams. IF you dream of one day "passing", or even TRANSITiONING, I can help you with that too.

I've been a friend of the Trans Community for over 25 years and I've taken 3 of my "Girls", all the way into Womanhood.

There are many ways for us to take this further, especially if your fantasies (perhaps REALITY) runs more toward intensity, I'll tell you about The Clinic I send my "Girls" to in Hollywood when I want to put them on the hormone fast track. When I take you to Dr. O'Dea, you can expect to endure any of a variety of feminizing Hormone Treatments.

Will it be the quick rush of a shot of estrogen? The slow steady stream of Prednisone from The Patch? Or...most terrifyingly exciting of all - Implanted Hormone Pellets under your skin that release a steady dose of feminizing and emasculating hormones for 90 - 120 days and there's nothing you can do. Once a pellet - or three! - has been subcutaneously implanted there is no way to stop your body from becoming more feminine until the pellets wear out...

As a Clinically Trained Hypnotherapist I am expert in re-molding your responses and body into the new you that you hope to achieve. Want your hormones to work faster...Hypnosis....need to give up the last of your masculine pride....Hypnosis....hope to become a non-jealous cuckold spouse to your wife...Hypnosis helps you become a happier, more contented little cuck...

I look forward to talking with you soon. Hearing by the tone of your voice how far down the gender continuum you've gone and how far you've still to go.



Bad Ballerina, 19 minutes of a very naughty ballerina tied, tickled, spanked, lectured and firmly tied into her pink satin toeshoes!!! Starring Myself as the Stern Head Mistress of the Locke Ballet Academy and Sarah Gregory as a young ballerina who deserves discipline for her attitude and willfulness. (click on the bag to see 10 screen grabs of the film!!)

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p.s. When you call, be ready, toys, lingerie, perfume, make-up, high heels. Whatever it is that makes you feel like a sissy slut.