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My name is Ms. Olsson, but you can call me DOMINA!

About me: I'm a beautiful, dominant woman deriving intense pleasure from controlling men, and I do so with pride, style and skill.


This is part 3 of 3 closely-related male chastity/female control recordings.

Oh, there will be many more (your response has been great and they are soooo fun to record!), but I wanted a longer story; I kept coming up with so many new ideas to torture you! Finally I said screw it; I've split up the story into 3 parts (Plus a bonus installment coming up soon!)

You've already heard how I prepare a personal slave for chastity. If you have not, go back and hear the recordings, the first: "Before I lock your Cock Up..." here. It 's an introduction of sorts and will also give you an idea of my domination style. Teasing, playful, wicked, inventive, sinfully erotic, articulate, and showing NO mercy! I also suggest you listen to Part 1, "Domina locks your Cock up and Tells you the Rules" here. You can find Part 2, DOMINA takes PHOTOS of YOU IN CHASTITY -MIND FUCK! here.
NEW! Read my Journal HERE!

The reason you will go back and listen to "Before..." is because DOMINA is strongly suggesting you do so! Yes, it is my longest. It's worth it.

Now you'll get an even larger taste of all the things I can do to torment and tease you. Here, I'm going to take you out in public with me for the first time since I've locked your cock up. Think you were humiliated, pent-up, and aching for it before? You were, but you ain't heard NOTHING yet! Listen as I take you to the mall, while I tease, command, and firmly drive home who is in charge as we shop for lingerie at a quality boutique (initials V.S.( I've actually taken chastity slaves there and done exactly to them what I am about to do to you (knowing the night manager helps...).

Prepare yourself. As you listen to my seductive purr you will ride a sexual roller-coaster of frustration, lust,&helpnessness.
Turned on (or interested ) by financial domination and the idea of blackmail? Then you'd better only stroke your cock with one finger until the last!

Every time you listen, my voice and words will drive deeper the realization that there are NO LIMITS to the ways I can exert and enforce my utter power over you. My games and ways to control a slave in chastity are ENDLESS!

Want to know more about my passion for chastity? A link to an interview is coming, w/me discussing my expertise... the rush of joy and power that floods every inch of my luscious body when that lock clicks on tight.

Until then, you will not be bored by my recordings and definitely not bored when you are speaking with me live.
Imagineyour orgasm COMPLETELY UNDER MY CONTROL.The Ultimate Female Power!

I know men.

I know them very well.

Most of all, I know how a submissive male's mind works. Very deep down, a dark part of you would secretly enjoy your mounting frustration as I teased and tormented you day after day, as long as I choose--but not as much as I will enjoy controlling your orgasms.
It pleases and excites me to know that even apart, you belong to me utterly, that you're my slave and my teasing and denial is making you suffer. I'll have the key. You don't come unless I want you to come. Since you are every inch MY PROPERTY from the moment I lock away your cock, I may just get addicted and keep you caged inside it for far longer than I promised to!
I can do things to long-distance slaves that would make you so crazy with lusty frustration, you'll forget how to spell your own name!





Remember, these recordings are only the beginning. I enjoy this fetish so much that if you write and respectfully request free minutes, I'll send them with a wicked smile.

If my recordings get that cock achingly hard, then just wait till you speak to me live! I especially enjoy telling you my experiences describing the games I play to toy w/& mind-fuck past and current chastity slaves!