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DEViOUSHOUSEWiFE aka SummerDawn @ Niteflirt.comDEViOUS LiTTLE HOUSE WiFEDEViOUSHOUSEWiFE aka SummerDawn @

DEViOUSHOUSEWiFE aka SummerDawn @

Yes, I am married, Yes I have kids. Am I HAPPILY married? No! If I was, I wouldn't be here offering my services for you now would I? Do they know? No. Will I tell them? No. Does it matter? Not to me. Does it matter to you? It shouldn't because you are here for one thing only, To obey me and worship the ground I walk on. That's right sissy boy, you heard me...


Now that we have that out of the way...

DEViOUSHOUSEWiFE aka SummerDawn @ Niteflirt.comHere is what I want from you:DEViOUSHOUSEWiFE aka SummerDawn @

Call me, listen to my words and obey my commands. If you do this, there will be no problems. If you do not do this, you will be punished. I do not expect you to ask questions unless I give you permission to do so. I do not expect you to speek unless you are spoken to. I expect that you do AS I SAY, WHEN I SAY, and WITHOUT question, like the good little Sissy Boy you are. Got it??? Good. Now, pick up the phone and call me. I have my whip, I have my paddle, I am ready to make you serve me.

NOW would be a good time.... cum on now. I need your money to buy my toys! Don't be scared, sissy boy. I don't bite... too hard.

DEViOUSHOUSEWiFE aka SummerDawn @

DEViOUSHOUSEWiFE aka SummerDawn @ DEViOUSHOUSEWiFE aka SummerDawn @ Summer Dawn DEViOUSHOUSEWiFE aka SummerDawn @ DEViOUSHOUSEWiFE aka SummerDawn @

Care of Bela Eupoean Spa

You work for my pleasure , slave. Your only reason to have a job is to give your money to me, so PAY UP little sissy ass slave. Give me what I want! Pay my bills, pay for my toys, pay for my fine wine, and pay for my nice clothes. I am the Mistress that you love and adore, so pay up my little slave boy, my nasty little cumwhore!

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DEViOUSHOUSEWiFE aka Mistress Summer Dawn