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Men call me Ms. Olsson, but you can call me DOMINA!


This is Part 2 of 3 closely-related male chastity/FemmeDomme recordings.

Oh, there'll be many more (Of course, I love reading raves they are soooo fun to record), I wanted a longer story; I kept coming up with so many new ideas to torture you.Finally I said the hell with it, rather than speak so fast you can barely decipher my words, or cut out any fun, I'd split it 3 ways.

You've already heard how I prepare men for chastity. If not, go back and hear the recordings, first "Before I lock your Cock Up..." here. An introduction of sorts, not only even more popular, it'll give you an idea of my domination style. Teasing, playful, wicked, inventive, sinfully erotic, articulate, and NO MERCY AT ALL! Also listen to Part 1, "Domina locks your Cock up and Tells you the rules" here.. It's not because this recording will confuse you if you haven't heard the others; I made sure they could stand alone. No, the reason you'll listen to "Before..." is because DOMINA is TELLING you to. Yes, it is my longest. It's worth it. Those of you who can afford it, you know who you are!

Now you'll start to get a taste of all the things I can do to torment and tease you. I suppose some unimaginative women might think just locking you up is enough power. No, there's SO much MORE! In all of these recordings, you'll learn some of my rules about your new slave status, what happens if you disobey and in this recording, how simple it is for me to blackmail you (even not locked up, it is surprisingly, deliciously easy to get photos of a man under my spell). In this particular recording, Domina tricks you into a kinky position for a photo session...and keeps the photos to financially dominate you with next time! Here in part 2, find out how much I love a mind-fuck!

Past and present chastity slaves know one of my specialties is making you a deal (that your sex-starved brain can barely understand by then) promising you release on certain terms,then finding some little loophole in our verbal deal and exploiting it.
In Domina's Chastity Cage recordings, every time you listen, my voice and words will drive deeper the truth that there are NO LIMITS to the ways I can exert and enforce my utter power over you.

•My games and ways to control a slave in chastity are ENDLESS!•

Want to read a little more about my passion for chastity? Wild guess here, I'll assume you want as much information as possible. Since there's nowhere near enough space here,soon I'll have a link to an interview w/me discussing my expertise and the rush of joy and power that floods every inch of my luscious body when that lock clicks on tight.

Until then, I doubt you will be bored by my recording and definitely not bored when you are speaking with me live.

The Ultimate Female Power!
I know men.

I know them very well.

Most of all, I know how a submissive male's mind works. Very deep down, a dark part of you would secretly enjoy your mounting frustration as I teased and tormented your day after day, longer if I choose--but not as much as I will enjoy controlling your orgasms.
It pleases and excite me so to know that even when we're apart, you belong to me utterly, that you're my slave and my teasing and denial is making you suffer. I'll have the key. You don't come unless I want you to come. Also, since you are every inch MINE from the moment I lock away your cock, I may just get addicted and keep you caged inside it for much longer than I promised to!
I can do things to long-distance slaves that would make you so crazy with unfulfilled, lust and frustration, you'll be a walking hard-on for days, until you forget how to spell your own name!

Listen NOW!

If you like your keyholder to tease and deny without mercy, you've found the right Domina. Remember, this and the other recordings are only the beginning. I enjoy this fetish so much that if you write and respectfully request a few free minutes, I'll send them with a wicked smile.

If my recordings get that cock achingly hard, wait till you speak to me live! I'll tell you details, and answer ANY questions you have. I especially enjoy telling you my experiences the games I play to toy with & mind-fuck chastity slaves! The power I can hold over you, even if we are in different time zones, will blow your mind!