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♥ It all starts with talking... ♥

Call me at 1 800 863 5478 ext 0624885

At times we all need someone to lend us an ear.
We occasionally have serious decisions to make and someone elses' opinion can often help with difficult choices.
You may be curious about trying something new, needing guidance, or just a release with no judgement on the other end.

I'm an outgoing woman, and like so many of you have gone through many things in my life to date and struggle with many day to day decisions as well.
I've confronted intimidating issues that freed my spirit in many ways.
Sometimes the little things can make such a huge impact.

I can't realisticly solve all your problems, but I can certainly be there to listen and help you through them.
We can sometimes get lonely and need comfort in someone elses' words, reassurance, and feelings.
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I love people, no matter what their choices may be; so I can assure you I will not place judgement on you.

Heck just wanna talk about everyday things, or how your day went?
Something happened and you just have to tell someone?
Call me, I'm a great person inside and out, I assure you.

FYI... if you'd like to arrange a special time to talk with me my time zone is M.S.T , this might be helpful for you when you send me your request.


* A special thank you goes out to those who take the time to leave positive feedback after each call, just want you to know it's very much appreciated.
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