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Scheherazade Beauty

My ass is so tight - make it hurt so good.


Exotic-Multilingual-Sensual-Eager to Please

When you call me, I give you my total attention. I want you to tell me how you want a truly sensual being to please you. My body is open to your whim, and at your complete service. I am from the Caribbean and that will be evident in my titillating accent, and I do speak and understand Spanish..

My mother always told me that if I wanted to know how to please a man in bed, I should study what I can of the Geisha and the sensual arts they practice. That is where I learned the specific muscle control of my pussy. I can put a man's cock inside me and make him cum for minutes at a time just by the gentle squeezing of all the different muscles inside of me. I hope I get to show you someday, it's like nothing you've ever experienced.

Verbal penetration, I love that play ....
When we are talking I can feel your breath ...
Penetracion verbal, amo jugar con las palabras, mientras hablamos mi cuerpo te enseƱa lo que me vas comentando ....

If you aren't familiar with The Arabian Nights, it's the tale of a king named Shahryar who, obsessed with the faithfulness and virginity of his wife, takes a new one every night, then has her killed the next morning to ensure she was loyal only to him. Eventually, Shahryar roars through most of the virginal women in the kingdom, and that's when he comes to Scherezade.

Scherezade figures out that she can stay alive by weaving an ongoing series of stories, each with an ending that dovetails into the next. These keep the king suspended each dawn, awaiting the next cliffhanger. In this manner, Scherezade keeps herself alive for 1001 nights, ultimately convincing the king that he's misjudged her, and the two live happily ever after.


Si tu no recuerdas Las Mil y Una Noches, deja que te cuente quien fue Scherezade, con voz candenciosa, dulce y sensual ire relatandote sus cuentos, seria maravilloso que tu fueras mi Sultan ...