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Wanna see me in some sexy neglige, help out a poor college student by clicking this button and see me.

Hi there, My name is Judy, I am a 20 year old college student from the Midwest. I know that I am only 20 years old, but I still have been through a lot of different things in my life. Relationship problems, problems with parents, school problems. I am a pyschology major in school right now and learning all kinds of different ways to handle problems and learning different solutions. Plus, I love people too, and meeting new people, and talking on the phone as well.

I may seem shy and innocent on the surface level, but I really am a big flirt though, and I don't get embarassed at all. You can tell me anything you want. I won't judge you, I only want to listen, and talk to you, and try to help you out with any and all problems you might have. If I can put a smile on your face, than that puts a smile on my face as well. So if you have problems with anything at all, whether it is relationship, meeting people, sexual frustrations, gay and lesbian issues, daily living, problems at work, school, home. I am very very very open to you and your problems, or if you just want to talk, I am here for you. Send me an email, and I will send you a couple of free minutes for our first conversation, but then please don't just call for 2 minutes and hang up, because I am a struggling college student, who doesnt have the time to get a job, because my studies are really important to me, so I can't just keep handing out free minutes all the time, but I will send you free minutes when you spend some time on a call with me. I not saying you have to talk for an hour, but if you need to, I am here. I am only saying that right now this is my only form of income, so please help out a poor college girl, while I help you out, and help straighten out any problems you maybe have, and I do mean straighten them out in a big way, because I really do love people, and if you having problems with a boy friend or girlfriend, I am here for you. So give me a shot.

Now, just a little about me. I am 20 years old 5'7 about 120 pounds with red hair. I currently am single, and kind of hating it, but it gives me time to learn more about myself. I have had some lesbian experiences in my life, and maybe want to explore that side again as well. Ask me about my experiences, I will share with you, or share yours with me. :)I am always looking to meet the right guy and be happy in love again, but I am picky, so if you are that special guy, maybe I could find love on the internet, but take it slow with me at first, because I want to get to know the right person, but I am open to meeting someone here. Maybe you are him or her :) Call me, and let's find out. Talk to you soon I hope :) Love Judy