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Hey I'm Mistress Ashley, but you can call me Your Majesty From this moment on! I'm here to train you to be the little Pet you were intended to be your whole life! You will get on your knees as the beginner Shit-Stain your are to start your Pet Training. You better be prepared for Your Majesty to have full control of your body and mind. Anything Your Majesty desires will come before any of your life essentials no matter what the circumstance! Be prepared to be a puppet for Your Majesty's amusement. You will never doubt or disobey Your Majesty for any reason!
Warning lube is NOT used in some of my sessions so you might want to invest in a Pussy-Boy Dounut Ring for the end of the session!!!!
Your Majesty

My extension #0615674

Or you can call one of my recorded listings, and sit the phone down because you're not worthy of listening to Your Majesty's voice without her being on the phone!
Just click this link and obey!!!

Kiss My Feet Bitch!!!

*About Your Majesty*

  • Name: Your Majesty
  • Birthday: June 30, 1983
  • Eye color: Hazel with some blue
  • Height: 5'9
  • Live: Orange County, California
  • Relationship: I'm single with a few little Pussy-Ass boy slaves to buy ALL my necessities!
  • Sexual Pref: None of your fucking business, your not here for my sexual pref !
  • Favorite Position: You bent over worshiping my feet!
  • Favorite Roleplay: Making you dress up like a little girl and take advantage of your tight little virgin ass with all my friends watching, laughing, and joining in!
  • Limits: There's NO LIMITS to what I will do to you!
  • Occupation: To make you work for me and order you around to finish your assignments!
  • Favorite Punishment: Depends on my mood and how stupid you look that day, but I do love blind-folding you and doing unimaginable things to your body and limbs!

  • *Some of the Punishments I enjoy giving*

    Tiny Dick Humiliation
    Blue Balls
    Whips & Paddles
    Pain torture
    Orgasm Denial
    Finacial Domination
    Tranny Training
    Ballons and Latex
    Majesty's trunk of lingerie, dresses, and makeup
    And Sooo many More...

    *Here's Your Next Step*

  • Click this link to prove your worthy of being Your Majesty‚Äôs Pet

  • Then Click here and tell Your Majesty what she will be expecting and see if you qualify for Pet Training

  • Then call Your Majesty to hear the answer