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The Phone Goddess of Fetish


Welcome To MY World...

The Phone Goddess of Fetish

My name is Ms. Olsson. You will call Me Domina.

Soon you'll call me Goddess ...whether I tell you to or not!

I'm an exquisitely beautiful, dominant, wickedly creative Woman who derives intense pleasure controlling men w/passion, style, and pride.

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I have a gift for finding a man's weak spot.

Some types of play I especially enjoy and have experience with, long distance AND in My personal lifestyle are:
  • Chastity Training (long distance/lifestyle relationships). My weapon? The CB-3000. There's no greater power to hold over a man than having orgasm control. You do not cum unless I decide to let you cum.

  • Teasing a man on any level...sliding my sleek legs out of My car, stretching, bending slowly at the waist in my short dress, pretending to reach down and adjust the strap of my sky-high pump ...tying you tightly to my bed as I sleep nude, snuggled up against your body-- except for the place you need me to touch the most.
  • Cuckolding (best with chastity)! I love to be taken by African-American men. I savor forcing you to sit, watch how a REAL man pleases a woman. If I'm in the mood, you'll lick me clean & more.
  • Strap-ons-- training you to take my biggest one!

  • Orgasm control and training; telling a man exactly how & when to touch himself.
  • Every manner of bondage and restraint imaginable- some you may never have dreamed of!
  • One of my favorites, C&BT. I've played with men in this way enough times to become an artist, and it never bores me; there's always new toys and new ways to hurt you!
  • Foot, shoe, and nylon worship

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  • Financial Domination: the luscious form of control as I tease and seduce you into giving me everything!
  • Sissy training/forced femme, stripping a man of every last shred of his masculinity.
  • Last but NOT least,I love a good mindfuck!

    I learned as soon as I blossomed (pretty early on) that sex is power, and that the greatest power came in the denial of it to a man I had tormented, tied, and teased.

    I have a magnificent body with a remarkably gorgeous ass a drink could be rested on (Yes, a drunk guy tried this once at a club when I bent over to get something out of my purse. When I turned around, he said, "I'm sorry, purdy lady, but w/you I just hadda try"-No mace,I just thanked him, since he stayed respectful and didn't put his hands on me).I'm blessed with a stunningly sweet, beautiful face- I'm proud of my large bedroom eyes and full, lush lips (All this and I'm modest,too)!

    I exude extreme sexual self-confidence. My face & body are a work of art. I know it, joyfully dress to show it off, & My supreme sexual self-confidence with My knockout looks to back it up gives Me instant power over men (even some women, bi-curious AND straight, but I don't use it to control them-I make sure THEY know how to use what THEY have, and what a gift being born a Woman is). I've used My looks and sex appeal along with my intelligence, animal instinct, and creativity to use, enslave, enchant, abuse, and tease men for over a decade.

    Mail me with questions about my schedule (PST) or are curious if I enjoy dominating men via other methods. If you're in the US and wish a gift of free minutes, write to ask me respectfully and I'll send them.Click the below button to send Me mail (or, call Me if it shows "Available").

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    Are you submissive enough to enter my world,to listen to my seductive, commanding voice, to let me enslave you?

    Then PROVE IT, slave!





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    Live calls AND recordings are available. It's so much fun to hear you beg.

    You've read my words and seen my feedback, but do you still doubt My devastating Female Power? That's why I have...

    References Available Upon Request.

    Yes, you read that right. REAL power to control men cannot be faked; it takes experience and a certain quality that some women are born with.

    I was born with it.

    You'll hear it in my voice.

    You'll feel it in your soul.