Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


Real Dominant. Real Latina. Really F'in sexy!


I am beyond pleased that you have chosen to consider a call with me today. So since you are already here, read on ~ AND WELCOME Y BENVENIDO

I love men that know how to please a woman.

I am an aggressive Dominant Latina Woman. Ok? Here are some things I do not tolerate, do not be rude or disrespectful to me, I will hang up you. Don't call em with a sarcastic attitude or I will take is much as I can from you and give absolutely nothing back. Don't call me with only 2 minutes left, I will take it by stalling and then disconnect your ass. I know a lot of the ladies on here advertise being dominant, but when you call them they do what you want because you are a paying customer. That makes sense, but thats not how I work. When you call me up be prepared to submit to me. We can discuss your wants, and if they are something I do then maybe we can make it happen. And last but not least- Don't be a jerk, be a nice guy or don't call me.

However, don't call me if your not submissive, because I am Dominant and we will not get along. TRUST ME

I am NOT into taking control of your wife or her friends, while you watch. Making you both submit gets me hot! So me anytime and email me if you would like a specific time call.


I can be very nasty and nothing really grosses me out. ~SO I don't really excel at building web pages and stuff, but my phone sex is out of this world! MY voice is very nice, my imagination is uncontrollable, and I really enjoy men. I mean I really enjoy men with no pretenses. I like it when I ask a man- "ARe you calling to be my bitch?" And he answers-"yes." That's like giving me all the power right away.

Call up listen to my voice, I can say one thing " I have a beautiful, sensual, voice. I will make you cum. AND you will leave our conversation thinking that you did not pay enough to talk to me.

I am right here just waiting to give you your orders.

My sweet little black strap on is ready to open up your tight little asshole.

I am ready to bend you over and make you praise me even while I make you cry. Oh and by the way~ OF COURSE I SPEAK SPANISH I AM HISPANIC. Si Habla espanol espero to llamada cuidate.