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The Phone Goddess of Fetish


lus - cious adj.

lus~cious 1.Sweet and pleasant to taste or smell: a luscious melon.See delicious.

2.Strong sensual sexual appeal; seductive.

3.Richly appealing to the senses: a luscious, vivid description.

The Goddess of Fetish is also THE Goddess of Roleplay, Natalia!

Why I feel I can call myself "The Goddess of Roleplay" & why I'll give you a HUGE grin, plus a hard-on you can hook a wet bathtowel on?

First, I take pride in what I do. Taking you away someplace you’ve never been before. I love hearing a man tell me I made his day or night, that I exceeded his expectations.

The only boundaries? are your imagination (and standard legal disclaimers). In fact, if you just have a premise, theme or specific fantasy woman, I can weave an erotic scenario for you that'll make you forget about everything but us and the way I make your body and mind feel.

I don’t like to brag…OK, I admit I love it. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I’ve earned my 5-star ratings and stellar feedback comments. Please read them, if you have time. Note repeated compliments re: my imagination, my ability to run w/a premise or even improve upon it, to pick up on what you get off on easily...not to mention variety, skill, sensuality, passion, a sense of fun, creativity, and talent for honing in on very complex fantasies. These all make me sooo happy to hear, because I aim to please, Tiger!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a requirement that your needs or fantasies are unique, complicated, have to involve pterodactyls, circus acts, and be set on Neptune or something (damn, now THAT'd be a challenging call!) I don’t bore easy and can make good ole' simple oral sex, down-and-dirty fucking or making love VERY fun, fresh, and enjoyable. But if you have some specific scenario that needs some setting up first, I will not only make it workable and intense, but make your eyes rollback with pleasure! The only guidelines are what you tell me, though ask me to come up w/ something and I’m more than happy to improvise. Cliffs Notes version of why I'm well worth a call:

  • I do this because I love it and because I want to, not because I have to or don’t have other options.
  • I’m very attractive with a hot, healthy little body, a dirty mind, a sexy voice..
  • I have a great imagination (and a Liberal Arts BA)+ a background in acting, I write & edit fiction (especially erotica),&love knowing I made you feel pleasure.
  • I’m bi w/a ton of interesting sexual experiences–I’m a good listener if you’re in a talkative mood. I’m flexible in ALL senses! Though this IS an adult line,I can hold conversations. We'll talk about whatever you want. Also, one thing I‘ve NEVER been accused of is being boring!
  • Life is too short to spend w/out being passionate. Yes, if I got a huge book deal for my novels I wouldn’t do this daily, but I'd keep my account open! I’ll never tire of acting out fantasies, just like I’ll never tire of sex!

Since this is a fantasy and role-play line, I won’t tell you many more personal details unless you’re curious. What is more important are the facts below, and that I mean EVERY WORD.

I can sound like anyone you want. I do a dead-on English accent (along with many others, English just happens to be the most popular). From Liz Hurley, to that hot French tutor you had wet dreams about, innocent virgin to expert seductress, Marilyn Monroe to Pam Grier, an ex-girlfriend/wife/lover- just tell me who you want to be with and what you want to do-or have done to you. My knowledge base (pop culture to fetishes) is wide. I have few limits,in the MANY fantasy requests I can count the number I’ve turned down or referred to another adviser on the fingers of one hand. It takes a lot to offend or shock me. If you want to ask about a fantasy or skill, drop me a line! Want a few free minutes to talk about it? Ask politely, and I’m always generous with free minutes. I can even send you a short .wav file of my voice if you'd like.

I work well from scripts, and do custom recordings upon request. I’ll work with you on time frames for calls (like if you only have 10 minutes—or want to reserve at least an hour of my time); just tell me before.

So call me.

Give yourself over to

pure, well-deserved pleasure,
erotic daydreams.

Tell me what you have in mind,chances are we'll be a great match!!

My Amazon Wish List (in a generous mood? I enjoy all gifts as well-and you don't have to break the bank, there's a list for low budgets)RE:"Pay a Tribute" button(not my personal Tributes,such as a gift/link to my Amazon Wish List/AKA Leaving a Tip or Paying a Bonus" for live calls & recordings).I had trouble w/something that didn't sound like a waitress in a sleazy strip club. Again,(sincerely)to know you're happy w/my art created or the 'wow factor' of the call we had that they paid tribute. This sounds so corny I never thought I would. hear myself saying it, but in this case, it really is the idea of the gesture. OK, return to my regular power-lusting self...