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sammie loves the smell and feel of LEATHER

the smell of leather instantly makes sammie wet.

just like pavlov's dogs salivated at the sound of the bell, sammie's naughty little hole "salivates" at the smell of leather.

she has a favorite flogger that is the color of this webpage - black and red. it is suede and it smells oooooh soooo goooood. sometimes her sadistic doms let her smell it before they start to flog her with it, knowing that she will make a puddle under her from her excitement.

she has bras and panties, skirts, dresses, corsets and garters all made of leather. she's a hot thing when she struts her stuff encased in all that beautiful hide.

what should she wear today? the micro mini, the mini with the leather fringe, or the knee length skirt with the obscene splits up the sides?

which dress? the one with the lace up corset or the one that has the cutouts so that her nipples show through?

whatever you choose for her to wear, you can be sure it will be naughty.

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