Phone Sex

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The Phone Goddess of Fetish


Domina loves using her sexuality to get money from you.

Yes, I shamelessly admit that I take advantage of men when they are addicted to me. Yes, I plan on using EVERYTHING in My sexual arsenal that you can't resist (My face and body have caused minor fender-benders) to my advantage- NO MERCY!

You know what I love even more than spending money? Spending YOUR money.

Be a good little potential servant for Domina and read the below carefully...

Rather than just start off by calling you a bunch of demeaning names (not that I don't enjoy verbal humiliation, I just ease into it unless I know it will enslave you), I'll explain to you in a little more detail what makes my panties damp and how I know what you really like.
Seen the movie Casino? Before Sharon Stone's character sadly gets a drug habit, she used her stunning beauty and charm to wrap huge winners and wealthy men around her little finger and take their cash, casino chips and gifts of fine jewelry and expensive clothes (she always prefers the cold hard cash, though). In a scene early on in her relationship with DeNiro's character, she's allowing him to kiss her, holding his face in her expensive hands. She stops to pull away and say, "I'm going to go powder my nose." Here's the moment that gave me a rush. She pauses, gives him a slow smile, looks him in the eyes seductively. and simply holds out her hand. When he slides a fifty dollar-bill into it, she just keeps looking him deep in the eyes, smiling sweetly and knowingly with the barest glint of the female predator inside showing ...until he peels off a couple more fifties from his moneyroll. His character is very smart, especially when it comes to business and money. He knows deep down what she wants, but the man is so far gone he doesn't care how much he has to spend to keep her happy.

When I saw the movie, I knew Sharon Stone had her character "Ginger", nailed, because I've had experience with manipulating men to get their cash and gifts.

I'm good at what I do.

I love pretty things.

You'll find I'm different from many Dominas or Mistresses who specialize in Financial Domination. I take a little more time to find out exactly what it is about opening your wallet to me that pushes your buttons. Also, if you are being selective before choosing who to call (there are countless posers on this site and *especially*under this Fetish category with user names like "BrATtY LittlE PrinCeSs$!" (rolling My gorgeous eyes) YOU know the type), I suggest you write Me for a recorded sample - 3 free minutes you get to keep.

If you really impress Me with a thoughtful, respectful, truly submissive message, I'll personalize it a little for you (give Me a few details/names/trigger words ...if you are truly willing to submit to Me, you already know how to serve a Goddess. True respect for the power of a beauty and a Goddess cannot be faked.

Don't Worry. I Only Show You My Fangs To Let you Know I Can Bite!

I have also never sent a free audio sample out and not gotten a very eager response back to set up a call or recording. Consider this fair warning about the true Power I hold, and how fast it'll slip from you for good.

Since I am on the subject: when it comes to calls, at $3.99 per minute, it is an easy (and almost painfully erotic) way to find out just how seductive my voice is, and how I treat the males I control financially. Oh, don't get me wrong. I love making you pay for the honor of hearing my voice and following my orders. I'm not saying I don't love taking your money. I'm just saying I understand that you might need to try on a slave collar for size before you get on your knees for me to lock it up snugly around your neck and throw away the key!

I'll take all the money I make on this line and spend it pampering myself.

The best part for me is, I don't owe you a thing!

You only derive pleasure from giving me pleasure.

Imagine my silk peaches-and-cream complexion glow with excitement as bright spots of pink appear on my cheeks,and my lush lips curl into a wide, satisfied smile.

Just the thought of having you wrapped around my pinky while I take and Take and TAKE makes my nipples rock hard. That's only the beginning...

So get that wallet out while I relax, and make me smile! NOT tomorrow...NOW.