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Mistress Sada

Beautiful Tall Black Dominant


My Name is Mistress Sada. However, fortunately if permitted, for you the only words which shall pass your lips will be simply Mistress. I am 21 years of age and have been actively involved in the BDSM lifestyle since the age of 18. I have known since 13 that men and women have belonged at my feet and I have actively persude the goal of placing the worthy there since then.

This is not a game for me, it is a lifestyle. I am not after your money and I do not need you to buy me a car. I am perfectly intellectually and financially capable of maintaining my own keep and taking care of what is mine. Your money will more then likely be used merely to provide new toys for your fellow slave in bondage who exist to please me in my very home.

I seek nothing short of your perfection as my slave.

I wield a crop on a daily basis.
I place men at my feet for my pleasure.
I do not lace my boots. I do not care for my leather. I have pets which do so.

Recently I have seen fit to extend men and women the honor of worshipping me via phone. It is an honor that will not be received by many. Again, I am not in this for your money I am in this because I fully understand your need to worship the beauty and personality of a Dominant woman. My time is limited and I seek only those who know in their heart that their purpose is to please. I understand that inside there is an unexplained desire to live, breath, and obey the absolute will of your Mistress. You desire to kneel at her feet and provide everything from sexual to domestic gratification. Yes I am really a Mistress. Yes I have a toy bag filled with cock rings, crops, and shackles that would make you strive to do nothing short of please me. Yes I wear on a daily basis those 6 inch vinyl platform thigh high boots that fill your fantasies. Yes I am a Mistress.

As noted I am a 21 year old college student in the field of Ancient Arts. I could very well be the girl that you see conducting a tour at your local museum or the tall beautiful woman that you see on her way to class every morning donned in knee highboots and a short pleated black skirt. I am 6'1 and a half, of african decent, and my look is of a severe feminine nature. My hair is short and my demeanor is that of a dominant woman. My speech and vocabulary is as perfected as my body. I am not a BBW woman. I am a tall gorgeous, young, fit, and shapely female. So if you are looking to worship the obese I am not your type.

However, if you desire to be given the permission to bury your nose in the shaven perfection of a goddess body, if you desire to kneel and worship the feet of beauty, to endure the stamina of a sadist's imagination and energy, if you seek to arch at the feel of my cane over your ass...

Then perhaps.

I am the Mistress you seek.

I will except nothing less of perfection... Nothing short of utter obedience.

Do not seek me if you are not capable of providing exactly that.

Until W/we speak,
Mistress Sada