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Leah Teases You

Come on prissy boy, make Me giggle!

Let's get one thing straight right away, I am in charge. I don't care if you think I'm just a greedy little teenage brat (I am), I'M THE BOSS! Don't try and get cute, beg and plead, whine, moan, whatever. It will only make me point and laugh that much more.

My name is Leah and I'm 18. I've found that some of the hottest nights I've ever spent were when my friends and I slept over together, inviting some poor and unsuspecting shy guy. Oh, and what fun we'd have at his expense. We'd all dress him up in our frilly, girly, feminine clothes, making him prance around. Sometimes, we'd call up his buddies and tell them all the dirty things we did. Once, my girlfriend brought her big vibrator over and we....well, you can guess.

Then there was this one older guy who took me out and spent a TON of money. So, since I was feeling generous, I thought I'd let him have a little treat after our date. Well, turns out the fool had a teenie weenie! Yeah, as if that wormy little thing would ever be allowed to touch me! Well, of course I had to humiliate and insult him, making him stroke that tiny thing with two fingers while I did it. I think the poor bastard cried. Oh, well.

So let me make it short and sweet. I like to dress up little pussy boys and make them my girlfriends, my little doll, my bitch. There are some guys that I let touch me, lick me, and even screw me. But you? Oh, no, you'll be lucky to sniff my panties. There's nothing too dirty or depraved, I'll make you do it all!

If you're smart, you'll email me before you call and let me know what limitations or taboos you do have, because I doubt you'll find any on this end. I'm wild, crazy, and far too good for you, so show some respect if you want a response. Oh, and by the way, let me know what sick and perverted things you're into. The last thing I want to do is waste my precious time talking to some cold fish prudish loser. It's okay to be nervous, you probably should. But also be ready to tell me what you want.