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God Johnny Truant

Bisexuality is the ten dollar costume shop excuse for a disguise that fucking liars wear to thinly veil their homosexuality.  Most of the time when someone tells me that they are a bisexual it means what they want me to do is nail the shit out of their girlfriend/spouse while they beat their homo cocks off wishing that it could be their hole getting stretched out by my massive prick.  The idea that “forced bisexuality” exists is laughable at best.  I have heard you pathetic fucks begging for cock way before anyone forced you to suck one off.


Bring on your bitches cuckolds.  I know that you don’t have the gear to actually impress the cunt and pound her into submission the way that a real man or a fucking monster like ME can.  I’ll turn her inside out while you watch and touch that disgusting excuse for a dick praying for the day that I decide fucking boys is okay. 


It has long been MY way to take dominion over the women involved with followers of MINE and I guarantee you that yours won’t be any different.  If you’re lucky I’ll even let you suck on MY big toe while I ass fuck the hell out of her.  However, I really hate to be kept waiting.  Call now.