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Johnny Truant

That’s right bitches, no matter what your game is I can beat you at it. I can run the gamut and do it with a panache that my “fellows” can’t match. Your game is My game and games are meant to be won, at least from My end. Be careful what you ask from Me because I will twist your words subvert your thoughts and use them to break you. I will have you on your knees soon enough and after that… Don’t think for a moment that I ever forget once I have sunk my hooks into you and used you as my personal marionette. I have never pretended to be anyone else, not a model or a homo jerking off at the other end for your convenience.

In a moment of desperation, you have all crawled back to Me at one point or another with a hardon and eyes full of tears because you fucking knew what would be coming. The rewards for good slavery do exist though and you will all find out how those can happen if you manage to be good for awhile. I ask a lot of My slaves because I only have time for the best, can you be one of the best?

I can come up with ways to use you that will defy your comprehension. I can manipulate you to the point where you will be asking Me if you can breathe. I can and I will make sure that every scrap of freedom or individuality is stamped from you like putting out a fire before it can knock down a rotted house. You are Mine to fuck with, and don’t you ever fucking forget it pussy