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your desyre

sweet, intelligent, money hungry

looking for an intelligent girl you can tell all your secrets to who will simultaneously drain your wallet? looking for the ultimate unattainble girl?

well, here i am.

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just like all the other "princesses" on the flirtline, i need a walking atm who has nothing better to do with his money to put me through college, pay my bills, buy me new clothes and whatever else i fancy--except i'm a real girl and i have a conscience, so i'm not going to be a cunt about it. i work and i go to school, but i could be having fun. make it happen for me.

here are some options:

1. a full tank of gas
2. books, clothes, dinner
3. i DO need a new digital camera... my girlfriend and i are considering doing live shower shows, but the only way we can do that is with YOUR cash!

i do cam shows, but i will not get naked unless i damn well please, so don't bother asking. you either catch me on a lucky day or you don't. i won't take outfit requests or play with toys. i'm not fond of phone sex and i won't do it, but feel free to do your own thing. i'll give you permission to let go when the time is right. if you need help, photos are available (see above).

i like hearing about your fantasies. i like talking about sex and giving what sexual advice i can. i like listening (tell me a story). i like telling. i like film, literature, and photography. i like toilet humor. i like other girls. i like your money.

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