Phone Sex

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Twenty-eight years ago, I was created for no other reason than to serve and please you. Everything I've done, everything I've learned, everything I've become has all been designed for your satisfaction.

I am more (and less) than just a sex toy waiting around to be used and abused. I am the epitome of everything humble and subserivent. Whatever you want me to be is what I become. If you want your house spotless, I become a maid. When you're hungry, I am a chef. When you're in the mood to be challenged, I transform into an intellectual fireball of stimulation and intensity.

I am your slave. All I own belongs to you, and everything I do is done with the sole thought of your pleasure and delight. The sun rises in your smile and the earth shakes at your frown. When you're ready to take me to bed, I will patiently await your desires. Whatever you want to do to me will be endured with grace and humility, no matter how nasty or painful it may be.

I've been training to be a good servant for so very long. I am ready now to give myself over to that perfect master who will control, compel, and complete me. Will you be the one?.