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I guess it was in my early twenties and I liked this man from down the street. He was older, attractive and made me very giddy in a sexual sort of way. Every time I saw him I was hoping I'd say something interesting or intelligent but when the time came, nothing. Oh I said "Hello" and all that sort of thing but nothing... well... 'deep'.
Ever since then I tried to refine how I look and what I say. I love flirting and I would say I'm not over sexual in my everyday life but I'm not prude either. In hind sight there was a lot of things I could have said and the clothes I wore could have been more curve hugging. I never did 'get him' but he has been a source of some my more seductive thoughts and a few wet dreams.
My style now is simple, suggestive and summer fresh. I'm like most girls living next door. Am I trying to seduce you? Maybe, but isn't that the allure of the 'girl next door'? That you really don't know for sure if the sunlight through her dress showing off the outline of her pussy is on purpose or just a lucky break from the Fates.
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