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Hot Goddess

Beautiful Mistress. Pay up bitch!

I am a sweet, beautiful and intelligent female but be warned I can be a real bitch!

Why am I different to other girls on keen?

I am a real woman with a real need for devotion and I expect the best from my slaves. You will be serving a classy and beautiful lady, a lady that would never usually give you the time of day.

   I know exactly why you are here. You are a man with no balls, a man with no sense of control and a man that needs to PAY for a beautiful womans attention. You want attention? Oh, you're gonna get it alright!

I believe that women are superior to men and that men are on this earth to serve and please women. Do you agree? Good, then keep reading!

As my slave you will do what I ask of you, when I ask it. I will be your mistress, your owner and the one you are devoted to. I deserve nice things and you shall give them to me. I deserve a nice car, a nice house and someone to lick my boots on demand. You deserve to be my slave, nothing more, nothing less.

You are a loser. Plain and simple. Your job is to go to work and serve me in the best way possible. If I ask you a question, you respond. I ask you to jump, you ask "how high?", I ask you to lick my boot you ask "left or right?". Get it? Good!

You do not deserve to know anything about me. BUT, if you respect me and serve me in every way possible, then I may grant you permission to ask me a question. This will be a reward, but don't expect too many of them because losers don't deserve rewards.

Your responsibility is to keep me happy. Do not screw with me and there will be no problem.

I expect:

A fast response to any E-mail I send to you

You to answer any questions I ask you

For you to place my happiness and needs above all others

100% devotion from you.

Your devotion will include

Opening pay to view emails from me sometimes containing nothing at all

Sending me donations to prove your devotion

Needing permission from me before you call me

If you do call me, I control the conversation. If I need to put you on hold, you will wait for me to return

If there is something I need to buy then you will be expected to assist me

Punishment if you disrespect me or screw with me in any way

If you are looking for a real mistress then look no further. I will be your princess and you will be my slave. Are you ready to serve me? E-mail me now.

Can you handle me?

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I'm worth it!