Phone Sex

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centerSo here i sit. Ankles bound together with electrical cord and then to the base of the chair with packing tape. Left arm bound down the arm of my office chair with packing tape and left hand in a mit secured with packing tape. Rubber bands around my 40 DD breasts--i lost track of how many--but enough so that they are now purple and my nipples are sticking straight out in front of me. i have a small brush handle inside and a small toothbrush handle in back--they seemed small, but it is hurting so much to be sitting here right now!

i type this with one hand. i have a belt around my waist that both secures my body to the back of the chair and both upper arms to my side so that only my right forearm and hand are free.

i have a dog collar around my neck and a leash in the collar and i've attached that to the hook in the wall above my computer. no backing away for this sub. my panties are packed tightly in my mouth and am drooling down my chin.

i am in such heaven, yet i am in hell. for i cannot seal my mouth with the tape onehanded, and i cannot secure my right hand to the chair.

i ache to touch myself, but for now, i am refraining. i need more than that. i need You.

Will You please call me? This sub needs to be controlled. she needs to be directed. she will do anything for You. i will remove the panties from my mouth when You call but i will put them right back if You say to. Within my reach is a spatula, jelly, and lotion. Just out of reach is my bottle of water.

i will await Your call, Master or Mistress. this naked body, bound and shivering; this subserviant soul, yearning and eager; this girl awaits You.