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Goddess Lindsay

Spoiled Princess To Drain Your Wallet!

Are you ready to submit to me completely??? Your body, mind, soul, and of course... your money Ha Ha! Just to let you know that this is a priviledge for you to be able to have this opportunity to serve and get to talk to a true Goddess like me. Most of you seriously can't afford me!! However, you will come up with a way to serve me I assure you. I am the Blackmail/Wallet Draining Princess and YOU WILL GIVE ME EVERY PENNY THAT YOU HAVE BECAUSE YOU WILL WANT TO SERVE ME AND KEEP ME HAPPY! I am not here for fun and games! I only have ONE objective... TO FORCE YOU INTO FINANCIAL RUIN!!!You will want to give me everything last cent you have because you know that I DESERVE IT and YOU DON'T!!! You will beg me to give me more. You will do whatever you can for me because you will worship me. I will humiliate and degrade you especially for those little teenie weenies that know that they can't get off without paying up first. The more you pay, the more humiliating it is for a stupid idiot like you that can't get himself off without seeing me and hearing my voice that will stay in your head forever. My slaves have always said I should be a phone sex operator due to my sexy voice, but why in the world would I want to give a man pleasure that has a little teenie peenie? If you are looking for true financial slavery, then you found the right Goddess to serve. The question is can you handle a Goddess like me that will humiliate you and blackmail you like no other? Are you willing to chastize yourself and send me the key after you tell me your dirty little secrets? While most losers on here send me money since they know it is the only way to get my attention, some of you actually NEED and CRAVE a special Goddess like me to control your finances. Most of my slaves know that I can handle their finances better than anyone due to my background. You will show me your paystub every time you get paid, as well as your list of bills. Yes you will make copies of your bills for me just to make sure you are telling me the truth. I will decide what you do with that money and how much will go to me. Remember, this is all about ME! ME! ME!!! and has nothing to do with you. I am also looking for some Blackmail and Extortion fun. Don't mess with me on this. I will gladly give someone the info that you give me without any questions asked. I want ALL of your personal info plus maybe some business info too. I will use this info to get whatever I want. One of my favorite things is to be your key holder. I enjoy it so much to have complete control over you and your finances. You want me to have control over you and your worthless life, don't you, you loser! BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK OF PRESSING THE "CALL ME" BUTTON, MEMORIZE THIS STATEMENT AND KNOW THAT IT'S TRUE " I AM A PATHETIC WASTE OF A MAN. THE ONLY, AND I MEAN ONLY THING I AM GOOD FOR IS TO WORSHIP AND GIVE MY GODDESS EVERY CENT I MAKE!!!" I do have several pictures that you can earn if you are a good slave and are very generous to me. This profile is still under construction. I am trying to figure out how to do the html thing in order to add pictures, etc. YOU BETTER PICK UP THAT PHONE IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU AND START SERVING ME!!!