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You, my sex toy. Welcome to Mind Fucks Anonymous.

Ms Domina Sadistic Jane

Calamity Jane

Professional Dominatrix. A woman of artistic torment for fourteen years.
discipline, control, power exchange, and resonance with pain are all things that I call feminine

I am reputed to be a Sadist of extreme means, but I call it creative. Sensualist, I am in love with flesh, the human body, and all it is capable of. I push, and poke, and prod to see what it does. I have always been fascinated with bondage, and exerting my will upon others. There was not a time in my life that I can remember not being this way. Even as a girl I was commanding.

I listen, and watch, and enjoy laying minds open to things usually kept in a closet. My beauty is pin-up alternative. I am tattooed, and gothic, with hair the color of hellfire to match my personality. My figurative, and literal wardrobe is expansive; I do not hide them. In more ways than one I am a serious fetishist. A superior Lifestyle Icon. Sex Educator describes me, as does collector of corsets. Shiny Sharp things are hypnotic, I am a professional piercing artist. Boot pigs and foot lovers will find me of particular delight, as will those who like to be feminized, humiliated. I am not sadistic with everyone. I use individual fantasies when deciding how to play; however, for those who share my depth when it comes to the pursuit of pleasure through pain, who are my masochist reciprocate, you will find yourself flying as never before. Not just a Sadist, I am as complex as you can imagine, a Master of human sexual torment and suffering.

My fetishes range from all forms of bondage and corporal discipline, including Japanese rope bondage, sensory exploration, mild to extreme S/m, cbt, predicament bondage, chastity, denial, boot worship, foot fetishes, trampling, smothering, medical scenarios with equipment, piercing play to permanent, feminization and transformation, sissy frills, humiliation (all sorts), power exchange, tickle torture, service focused slavery, and any who wish to be helpless to whatever I have in mind, who dream of nothing more than doing whatever they can to please me.

I expect you to be a gentleman at all times, as I am a Lady. Even if you are inexperienced, proper etiquette is required. If you do not know what that is, ask. Storybook fantasy is my daily life. I am an outspoken, whip smart, Fetish Icon known for her long gloves and silver cigarette holders; her leather boots, chilly green eyes with ability to see right through you.

Feminine intuition used to enslave you.

I know about being a woman. The true power it gives me over others. I am in touch with myself, and my sexuality. I am a Fetish Diva and Bondage enthusiast. I am a Dominatrix.

And you... you know what you are, as do I...

You seek a bright, quick, curvaceous beauty capable of causing anything from great awe to immense anguish. You need to know that I enjoy it and look forward to the time when you are the one I am intent and focused upon. For you, I am freedom. You will use every opportunity I afford you to be pleasing to me. You will be polite, and obedient. You are my newest object.