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Ashley Dobbs


Ok I am in the search of REAL and I mean REAL piggies/slave that want to serve ME.  I am looking for true dedication and not these weekend wankers I keep getting. How dare you little wussies try to get over on me for it is not happening anymore!  You either pay or no play at all. I don't want to view your cam unless I ask for it and as for my cam if I choose to turn it on then I will but don't ask for it or FORGET IT!!

You may wonder why you are addicting to me but take one good look and tell ME you don't see perfection starring at you in the eyes?  Let me tell you a little about myself I am selfish. greedy and life evolves around ME ME ME and not fact your sole purpose is to please me buy sending me tributes, gifts or anything else I want from you.  You may ask yourself why you are so  addicting to ME while let me tell you why...I am irresistible that's why.. I gave the ultimate dances and my body is made from pure perfection! 

I love when you listen to every command I give you without any hesitation or questions.  If I say piggie write on your forehead that you are a hooker and then go out shopping then you do it.  If I say piggie go to Victoria Secret and buy ME lots of panties and tell the salesgirl that you are buying them for your mother then you do it, lol...get the point????

My favorite thing of all is to watch you perform any monkey trick I ask on cam for me!!  This is the best and I do capture it to put images on my yahoo group!! So if you are ready to be humiliated but also to wanting to serve a true Princess then call ME NOW!!!