Phone Sex

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...and fund My vacation.

Gee, golly, gosh, doesn't that suck for you? They don't value you at all where you work, do they? That must make you feel pretty worthless, doesn't it?

I'll be taking a wonderful vacation. I'll be having a whole lot of decadent fun, something a loser like you could never even dream of. I'll be doing some quality shopping. I buy so many wonderful things that I usually have to buy more bags to bring them home in. Isn't it great that a Goddess like me gets all the wonderful things she deserves?

The fact is that you have extra money you can't take on vacation, and I can take it on vacation with me and put it to far better use than you ever would. I might even think of you while I'm spending you. But then again, I probably won't. After all, I go on vacation to exotic locales to get as far away from losers like you as I can.

But you know that, because I know you better than you know yourself.