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REAL Domina offering slave training and discipline

Make no mistake, it would be a costly one, for I am a true DomInatrIx. ThIs Is not a hobby, nor a vocation. My existance revolves around putting weak men In theIr rightful place...groveling in My shadow. Be forewarned...there are many sIdes to My personalIty. I can be the gentle seductress, wIcked boss, evIl queen, sadIstIc bItch, cruel humIlIatrIx, overbearing teacher, or for the fortunate the naughty nurse. I can be playful or heartless. I can be nurturing or dissasociated. I can be your savior or the demon that banishes you to your own personal Hell. But no matter who you meet I assure that you wIll be under My spell whether you choose to be or not. I stand 5'4 barefoot, but dont let My sIze fool you, I can brIng you to your pathetIc knees in ways you've never thought possible. Assuming I decide to allow you the priviledge of My presence you will know that I am the genuine article and you will BEG Me to take possession of you. Although I am still quite young, I have traveled the world and attended conventions, seminars, and parties all the while learning from the most prominent and respected members of the Fetish community both past and present. I have found in My travels that My experience and training is rarely rivaled much less surpassed. My knowledge of the lifestyle, its origins, and its most sacred beleifs remain at the core of the way in which I conduct Myself to this day. In consideration of this it would be wise for you to conclude that making the decision to contact Me for a session or for service, gains you not the fleeting memory of the comic book style Dominatrix that the uninformed associate with the lifestyle, but a profound mind, heart and soul altering experience that you would be hard pressed to find the words for.