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Mistress Nina

Cash goes fast when I have my hand in your wallet!

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Five Star Free Image Hosting
I am . . .
a very real Sensual Sadist with over 17 years of experience in the art of Domination. My aim is very clear. I will use you to satisfy my cerebral, financial and erotic needs. I take great delight in controlling your cock, your cum and your wallet. I will control you, I will possess your very soul. Because I am a lifestyle Domme, I have a sincere fondness for real time play. So, have your toys/gear available when you call. Sissies, you may have your stockings and panties on but be prepared to take it like the girl you are. I will direct you or your fantasy to please Me.

I know you crave control. you need someone to take away your choices since you have made so many pathetic mistakes that still leave you longing. you thought having a great job, wife, house and 401K would stop the ache. you thought dating a string of Barbies would make the pain subside. you THOUGHT WRONG! You were born to serve, to submit, to cower, to worship at the feet of a real Goddess. I will strip down your ego and crawl inside your vacant head. I will Own you. I will Possess you.

I enjoy intelligent conversation about unusual and dark fetishes. you will share things with Me you never thought possible. you will be frightened, thrilled, anxious and obsessed by the new you I create. you will submit.
you are ...
My Lifestyle Sponsor, My ATM, My Wallet, My Retirement Fund, My Entertainment

You will work to support the lifestyle I deserve. You will be thrilled eating your PBJ sandwiches while I dine out at the best underground restaurants in town. You will learn to love your cot while I sleep on the best linens available.

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I am very fond of the following fetishes:

Corporal Punishment
Intense CBT
Anal Training

Gender Transformation
Forced Bi
Forced Feminization

Cock Ownership
small dick Humiliation
Mandated Masturbation
Orgasm Denial

Enforced Chasity

Cum Control


Goddess Worship
Body Worship
Feet Worship


Financial Enslavement
Sensory Deprivation
Forced Smoking

Medical Fantasies

Edge Play

Of couse I have to mention the BIG SPENDERS.

Martin - My Retirement fund grows BIG as your IRA withdrawals increase. Talk about Total Power (broker) Exchange.

Tony - Keep the triple digit tributes coming and I might feel generous enough to allow you out of chastity long enough to cum.

Now for the most pathetic losers!

evan - Squirm, worm, Squirm!!!

scotty - you should be paying much more for me to talk to that teenie weenie

Big talk Bob - It's all talk about your pathetic pickle and your lame payments.