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Princess Pedicure

Seductive Spanking by Foot Fetish Princess

Let me first explain that I do not consider myself a Mistress or a Dominatrix, I consider myself a young, attractive and demanding Princess. I consider my form of domination and control to be a soft and romantic domination that is founded on some of the most natural urges of men, their desires for a beautiful young woman that understands the concept of being a lady in public and a teasing temptress in the bedroom.  I’m that woman, a 22 year-old sexual kitten that leaves them secretly exposed and exploits all of their sexual fantasies, while sending them to work the next day flustered and unable to concentrate as thoughts, visions and desires centered around me fill their head as an inconspicuous reminder that they have only one choice, to please me and keep me happy so that they may continue to reap the pleasures and benefits of my mental domination.

You see, you really have no choice. Because if you have read this far, the reality is, that you are already under my spell. So what will it be today my little play thing? Which little fetish of mine shall you explore and find your gratification in? The following are just some of the intoxicating obsessions that your Princess encourages you to explore with her.

::: Foot Worship ::: High Heel, Stocking & Pantyhose Obsessions :::
::: Foot Maintenance ::: Tease & Denial ::: Masturbation Control :::
::: Orgasm Denial ::: Edge Play ::: Milking ::: Chastity ::: Pampering :::
::: Financial Manipulation ::: Emotional Blackmail ::: Sensual Shopping Sprees :::
::: Spoiling ::: Mind Control ::: Hypnosis ::: Infatuation ::: Manipulation :::
::: Seductive Domination ::: Sensual Bondage ::: Body Worship ::: Oral Fixations :::
::: Sensual Asphyxiation ::: Anal Inclinations :::

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Spoil Princess Pedicure Phone Sex Foot Fetishist
Spoil Princess Pedicure Phone Sex Foot Fetishist
Spoil Princess Pedicure Phone Sex Foot Fetishist
Spoil Princess Pedicure Phone Sex Foot Fetishist
Spoil Princess Pedicure Phone Sex Foot Fetishist
Spoil Princess Pedicure Phone Sex Foot Fetishist

As you can see a session with me is not your typical fevered masturbation frenzy. I cater to the Phone sex experience, not the Phone sex junkie out for a quick milking. I enjoy some very specific fetishes and a very high class clientele. The art of mental domination is something I was born with. The ability to wrap men around my finger and convince them to give me whatever I yearn for and to convince men that the things that please me, when eagerly given, will always leave them in a state of utter blissfulness has always been a major personality trait of mine. I am easily able to vocalize my desires and use the simple arts of tease and denial to allow men into my lustful and erotic mind, tormenting them with sweet visions of what they could have while knowing full well to myself, that they will probably never get it. I’ve always been able to push a man’s buttons and brining him just enough sexual gravitation to leave him on his knees, pleading to make me happy. I believe I’ve told you enough now; it is time to stop reading about me, and begin to experience me. It is time to call me. Doing so will be a sexual experience for us both, and not doing so will leave you wondering tomorrow what my sultry voice sounds like and what naughty things you would have experienced while under my hex.

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