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Sexy Heather

♥ The girl next door knows about you ♥

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Heather Sexy HeatherDear Neighbor,
      I am writing you this note to let you know that I have seen you watching me from your window. Like last weekend when I was washing my new car, the one I got for graduation from my Father. Did you enjoy seeing me outside getting wet in my bikini? I bet you liked it when I leaned up to get the top and was covered in bubbles. That's when I first saw you there, as I used my hands to wipe the bubbles off my body I looked up and I caught you watching. I know you were still looking when I bent over to wet my sponge and my nipple *accidentally* slipped out of my little triangle bikini top. Where did you go after that, was it more than you could take?
  Why do you disappear whenever my Father comes around? Are you afraid he will see through you and know you have been watching me? Are you worried you won't be able to hide your hard on as I walk around in my short shorts and tank tops with my perky nipples slightly showing through. I bet he would be really angry if he knew you watched me and my girlfriends that time by the pool. You know which time, the one when us girls decided to try for an all over tan. I saw you there with your hand in your pants. Maybe I will tell him about you or maybe I will just keep it our little secret, I have not decided yet. You better call me when you know I am alone so we can talk more about it. When you call be ready to tell me everything! All the times you have watched me that I don't know about yet and all the nasty secrets and fantasies you have been keeping all this time.~

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